This configuration parameter controls whether the Centrify Agent should send the host computer’s local IP address (or addresses) to the Windows domain controller as part of a Kerberos authentication request. When set to true, the agent sends the IP addresses; when set to false, the agent does not send the IP addresses.

When the agent sends the host computer’s IP address with a Kerberos request, the IP address appears in the Windows event logs associated with the request.

This configuration parameter works with the parameters adclient.krb5.extra_addresses and Use the first of these two parameters to add additional IP addresses to the host computer’s IP address (useful in networks using NAT). Use the second to add the host computer’s NetBIOS name to the IP address (or addresses) (useful for identifying the requesting computer in event logs).

If adlcient.krb5.use.addresses is set to false, neither of these two parameters has any effect because the agent does not send addresses with an authentication request.

Note:   This configuration parameter sets the Kerberos configuration parameter noaddresses in krb5.conf. Setting adclient.krb5.use.addresses to true sets noaddresses to false; setting adclient.krb5.use.addresses to false sets noaddresses to true.

If adclient.krb5.use.addresses is not defined in the configuration file, its default value is false.