This configuration parameter specifies the maximum number of seconds to wait for responses from external forests and trusted domains when attempting to determine trust relationships. If your trusted domains and forests are widely distributed, have slow or unreliable network connections, or are protected by firewalls, you may want to increase the value for this parameter to allow time for the agent to collect information from external domains and forests.

In most cases, you set this configuration parameter using group policy. You can, however, set it manually in the configuration file if you are not using group policy or want to temporarily override group policy.

If you are manually setting this parameter, the parameter value should be a positive integer. For example, to time out if a response is not received in within two minutes, you can set this parameter value to 120: 120

The default value is 5 seconds. Before changing this setting, you should consider your network topology, the reliability of network connections, and the network bandwidth, speed, and latency for connecting to external forests and domains. If the value is set too low to consistently receive a response, you may be unable to search trusted external domains.