This configuration parameter specifies a list of sites, and optionally a domain, to search for domain controllers and the global catalog if they are not found in the preferred site.

Note:   You can specify the preferred site in the configuration parameter, and the preferred site is displayed when you execute the adinfo command.

The format for this parameter is:

adclient.lookup.sites: site1 [site2] [site3]...

The agent performs the following steps whenever it attempts to connect to a DC or GC:

  1. Discover the preferred site.
  2. From DNS, get a list of DCs or GCs in the preferred site and attempt to connect to each one until a connection is successful or the list is exhausted.
  3. If unable to connect to a DC or GC in the preferred site, try to connect to a DC or GC in any site.

By using this configuration parameter, you can restrict step 3 to a specific set of alternate sites to search for DCs or GCs. Run Active Directory Sites and Services to see a list of sites for your environment. Sites are searched in the list order that you specify.

You can use any legal Active Directory site name when you set this parameter. For example:

adclient.lookup.sites USTEXAS USCALIFORNIA

You can optionally specify a domain suffix in this parameter, so that the site list is searched only in the domain that you specify. Use the following format to specify a domain:

adclient.lookup.sites.domainsuffix: site1 [site2] [site3]...


If this configuration parameter is not configured, the agent tries to connect to a DC or GC in any site, as described in step 3 above. By default, this configuration parameter is not configured.

Note:   Do not add the preferred site to this list, as the preferred site will be searched anyway.