This configuration parameter specifies whether you want to have the Centrify Agent work in conjunction with Samba. The parameter value can be either true or false. You should set this parameter to false if you do not want any interaction between Centrify and Samba.

If you want the agent to work with Samba, you may need to make changes to your environment or configure additional settings. For Centrify and Samba to operate in the same environment, you need to do the following:

  • Check that the samba.base.path configuration parameter specifies the correct path to the Samba binaries.
  • Check that the samba.winbind.listen.path configuration parameter specifies the correct path to the Samba winbindd listen path.
  • Check that Samba is configured for ADS security.
  • Check that Samba belongs to the same REALM as the Centrify Agent.
  • Verify that Samba and the Centrify Agent share an Active Directory computer object.
  • Set the adclient.samba.sync configuration parameter to true.

For example:

adclient.samba.sync: true
samba.base.path: /usr
samba.windbindd.listen.path: /run/samba/windbindd

For more information about installing and configuring Samba to work with Centrify software, see the Samba Integration Guide available on the Centrify web site.