This configuration parameter specifies whether you want adclient to skip probing inbound trusts for the domaininfomap.

Options are:

  • false: If set to false, when building domaininfomap, both two-way and incoming trusts are probed. (Default)
  • true: If set to true, when building domaininfomap, only two-way trusts are probed.

Set adclient.skip.inbound.trusts in the centrifydc.conf file. For example:

adclient.skip.inbound.trusts: true

To apply this configuration parameter while adclient is running, follow the recommended sequence:

  1. Perform adreload.
  2. Rebuild the domaininfomap. Choose a method:

    • Run adflush -t to rebuild the domaininfomap manually.
    • Wait for the next rebuild cycle from adclient.