This configuration parameter specifies the status of the user’s trusted path. The trusted path prevents unauthorized programs from reading data from the user terminal.

Set one of the following values for this parameter:

Use this value To do this

Allows the user to execute trusted processes only, which means the that the user's initial program must be in the trusted shell or another trusted process.


Prevents the user from invoking the trusted shell on a trusted path. Entering the secure attention key (SAK) causes the login session to terminate.


Disables the secure attention key (SAK) for all processes run by the user. Specify nosak if the user transfers binary that may contain the SAK. This is the default value.


Provides the user with normal trusted path characteristics; the user can invoke a trusted path (enter a trusted shell) with the secure attention key (SAK).

This parameter corresponds to the aix.tpath attribute in the /etc/security.user file.

The default value is nosak.