This configuration parameter specifies the home directory for logged in users. The default, if you do not specify this parameter, is:

  • Mac OS X: /Users/%{user}.
  • Linux, HP-UX, AIX: /home/%{user}
  • Solaris: /export/home/%{user}

The syntax %{user} specifies the logon name of the user. For example, in the centrifydc.conf configuration file, if you add:


and jsmith logs on to a Mac OS X machine, the home directory is set to /Users/jsmith.

If the parameter auto.schema.use.adhomedir is true, the home directory is set to the value in Active Directory for the user, if one is defined. If auto.schema.use.adhomedir, is false or if a home directory is not specified for the user in Active Directory, the home directory is set to the value defined for this parameter, auto.schema.homedir.

Note:   The configuration parameter auto.schema.homedir.illegal_chars defines characters that are not allowed in home directory names. Any illegal characters in the specified name are removed from the home directory name on the computer.

You can also specify the home directory on all machines joined to Auto Zone by using group policy.