This configuration parameter controls whether the dad process caches name service query results about users and groups. If set to true, the dad process stores query results, for example, from user lookup requests, in memory for better performance. If set to false, query results are not saved and must be retrieved whenever they are needed.

If set to true, you can use the cache.max.size and parameters to control the number and duration of entries in the cache. You can also use the daflush command to clear the cache manually when you want to ensure you get updated information. For example, if you remove the UNIX Login role for an Active Directory user, some information for that user might remain in the cache and be returned when you run a command such as getent passwd. You can run daflush to ensure the user is removed completely from the local computer cache, including the auditing name service cache.

The default value for this parameter is true.

For example, to disable the name service cache on an audited computer:

cache.enable: true