This configuration parameter specifies the maximum file descriptors that dad can use before dad is restarted, or before the event is logged in /var/log/centrifydc.log. Whether dad is restarted when the threshold is exceeded is controlled by dad.resource.restart.

The default value of this parameter is 500, meaning that dad is restarted or the event is logged when dad file descriptor usage exceeds 500. For example:

dad.resource.fdlimit: 500

The dad resource monitor automatically checks the usage of various dad resources during runtime. For each resource that is monitored, you can configure the threshold value that triggers a dad restart or a log entry.

When dad is restarted, the client is purged, and counters for resources such as CPU usage, file descriptors, and memory are reset. See dad.resource.restart for more information about the advantages of setting a threshold that is lower than the default system value.