This configuration parameter specifies whether dad restarts or just logs the event when a resource threshold is exceeded. Events that are logged are recorded in /var/log/centrifydc.log.

The default value of this parameter is false, meaning that when a resource threshold is exceeded, the event is logged, but dad is not restarted. For example:

dad.resource.restart: false

The dad resource monitor automatically checks the usage of various dad resources during runtime. For each resource that is monitored, you can configure the threshold value that triggers a dad restart or a log entry.

You can set resource thresholds in these parameters:

When dad is restarted, the client is purged, and counters for resources such as CPU usage, file descriptors, and memory are reset.

Setting a low threshold for restarting dad and purging the client can avoid problems with resources being consumed prematurely. For example, when cdash calls another cdash recursively, dad receives a large number of client requests. Solaris has only 256 file descriptors for ulimit by default. Unless you configure a threshold lower than 256, cdash does not stop recursive calling until 257 calls, and all of dad’s file descriptors could be consumed by that one operation.