This configuration parameter enables you to hide sensitive information in the standard output (stdout) in audit results by using regular expressions to define the hidden information patterns.

Beginning with release 2015.1, each regular expression that you create must be embedded inside double quote characters (). For example:


If you define more than one regular expression, separate the regular expressions with spaces. For example:

“[0-9]-[0-9]” “[a-z]-[0-9]”

Note:   If there is a delay in the display of standard output information that you have designated to be hidden by defining a pattern, the agent may not recognize the pattern, and the information may be shown. To avoid delays, your obfuscation string should not exceed the size of the Cdash standard output buffer, which is 4KB.

Note:   In releases earlier than 2015.1, patterns could be embedded inside double quote characters () or slash characters (/). If slash characters were used, they are converted automatically to double quote characters when you upgrade from 2015 to 2015.1.

By default, this parameter does not contain any regular expressions.