This configuration parameter can be used to specify the domain controller used as the global catalog if your DNS is not configured to use Active Directory. In most cases, you do not use this configuration parameter in a production environment. This configuration parameter is used primarily for configuring an evaluation environment when the DNS server is on a UNIX computer and can’t provide the _gc service records.

To set this parameter, the Active Directory domain name must be specified as the last portion of the configuration parameter name, and the parameter value is the host name of the domain controller. For example, if the Active Directory domain is arcade.com and the domain controller for that domain is fire.arcade.com:

dns.gc.arcade.com: fire.arcade.com

Note:   You must specify the name of the domain controller, not its IP address. In addition, the domain controller name must be resolvable using either DNS or in the local /etc/hosts file. Therefore, you must add entries to the local /etc/hosts for each domain controller you want to use if you are not using DNS or if the DNS server cannot locate your domain controllers.

To specify multiple servers for a domain, use a space to separate the domain controller server names. For example:

dns.dc.lab.test: dc1.lab.test dc2.lab.test