This configuration parameter determines whether to sort by speed during background sweeps or to pick the first DNS server that responds.

Note:   This parameter only applies to background sweeps. During initial sweeps, the first server to respond is always chosen, regardless of how dns.sort is set.

Generally, the first server in the list (as specified in /etc/resolv.conf or by the dns.servers parameter) responds first. However, if a server was previously chosen, and is still configured in /var/centrify/kset.dns.server, it is always tried first regardless of how dns.sort is set.

This parameter is useful if you have multiple DNS servers specified in /etc/resolv.conf, some of which are not compatible with DirectControl. If you list the DirectControl-compatible first, and set this parameter to false, an incompatible server will never be chosen unless the compatible servers are unavailable.

Set the value of this parameter to true to sort by speed. Set the value to false to select the first server that responds.

The default is to sort by speed (true); for example:

dns.sort: true