This configuration parameter specifies the number of times to re-send a UDP request, and the number of seconds to wait for each, when there is no response from the current DNS server to a UDP request. Specify a comma separated list of values, up to three entries. If the current server does not respond to any of the requests, it is considered down, which triggers a sweep to acquire a new server as specified by the dns.sweep.pattern parameter. The new server becomes the selected server (it is cached in memory and its address is put in kset.dns.server), and it attempts to handle the DNS request.

The default value on Linux and Unix is three retries of 1, 2, and 4 seconds, respectively.

The default value on OS X is 1 second.

Specify a positive integer; for example:

dns.udp.timeouts: 1, 2, 4

This parameter specifies the timeout values for UDP requests. Use dns.tcp.timeout to specify timeout values for TCP requests.