This configuration parameter specifies a mapping file containing mappings between command aliases and command files for all of the command aliases that a customer uses. If you specify a mapping file in dzdo.command_alias and then issue a dzdo command using a command alias, dzdo searches the mapping file to see if the first dzdo parameter matches any of the aliases.

If there is a match, the command path specified for the alias in the mapping file is used by dzdo to perform command matching to determine whether the command is allowed to run.

The parameter value has the following syntax:

dzdo.command_alias: aliasfile_full_pathname

For example, the following line in centrifydc.conf results in the default mapping file ( being used:

dzdo.command_alias: /etc/centrifydc/

The syntax of the content within the mapping file is:

command_alias_1: command_path [arguments]
command_alias_n: command_path [arguments]

For example, a mapping file could contain the following, which defines two command aliases—oracle_startup and centrifydc_startup:

oracle_startup: /opt/oracle/startup
centrifydc_startup: /opt/centrifydc/startup

Actual mapping files can contain any number of aliases.