This configuration parameter specifies the search path for the dzdo program to use to look for commands and scripts that require privileges to run. You can specify a list of directories for the dzdo program to search for commands and scripts. If you configure this parameter, the dzdo program will search in the specified directories no matter which path the command rights are configured to use in the Access Manager System search path option.

If commands are configured to use the path defined in the Access Manager System search path option and the dzdo.search_path parameter is not defined, the following actions take place:

  • The current user’s path is used to search for the commands.
  • Only the commands located under the System path are allowed to execute.

There is no default value for this parameter.

The parameter value can be a list of directories or the name of a file that contains the list of directories. For example, you can specify a file that contains the directories to search using the file: keyword and a file location:

dzdo.search_path: file:/etc/centrifydc/customized_dzdo_directories

If you specify a file name for this parameter, you should ensure the file is owned by root and not accessible to any other users.

You can also set this parameter using group policy.