This configuration parameter specifies the path for the dzdo program to use when executing commands and scripts that require privileges to run. If you specify a directory using this parameter, the dzdo program will only execute commands and scripts that are found in that directory.

Setting both the dzdo.search_path and dzdo.secure_path parameters to the same value is equivalent to setting the secure_path parameter in the sudoers configuration file.

There is no default value for this parameter.

The parameter value can be a list of directories or the name of a file that contains the list of directories. For example, you can specify a file that contains the directories to search using the file: keyword and a file location:

dzdo.secure_path: file:/etc/centrifydc/customized_dzdo_directories

Within the file, lines should contain path separated by colons. For example, a file specifying two paths might look like this:


If you specify a file name for this parameter, you should ensure the file is owned by root and not accessible to any other users.

You can also set this parameter using group policy.