This configuration parameter specifies the list of mapping programs to run to configure computer-based policies. The mapping programs are contained in the root directory specified by (/usr/share/centrifydc/mappers/machine by default). The mapping programs are executed in the order in which they are specified. The mapping program will always run even if unspecified and does not run only if you specify that it not run (described later).

In most cases you set this configuration parameter using group policy. You can, however, set it manually in the configuration file if you want to temporarily override group policy.

To specify mapping programs to run, you can list each individual program name literally, or you can use wild card characters that are a subset of regular expression wild card characters:

  • An asterisk (*) specifies any set of zero or more characters. “map*”, for example, specifies any program names starting with “map”. “set*.pl” specifies any program names starting with “set” and ending with “.pl”. And “*dc*” specifies any program names that include “dc”. “*” means all programs.
  • A question mark (?) specifies any single character. “map???”, for example, specifies any six-character program name starting with “map”.
  • Square brackets ([ ]) enclosing a set of characters specifies a single character that is one of the enclosed characters. “mapprogram[123]”, for example, matches the program names mapprogram1, mapprogram2, and mapprogram3.

You can specify a program name not to execute by preceding it with an exclamation point (!). If you specify “* !mapprogram1”, for example, you specify that all mapping programs in the mapping program root directory should execute except for “mapprogram1”. Note that the only way you can stop the automatically executing program from executing is to specify “!” in this parameter.

You can combine all of these rules to give you precise control over which mapping programs run. Some examples:

gp.mappers.machine: * specifies all mapping programs in the mapping program parent directory.

gp.mappers.machine: mapgp* !mapgp2 specifies all mapping programs in the mapping program parent directory that start with “mapgp” except for “mapgp2”. Note that will execute because it hasn’t been specified not to execute and so executes automatically.