This configuration parameter specifies when user-based group policies should run. By default, user-based group policies are applied when a user first logs on to a computer, then at a regular interval in background to check for updates and changes while the user’s session remains active. However, running group policies at every login and refresh interval for users who are already logged on can impact performance on computers where there are a large number of group policies being applied. You can use this parameter to reduce the load on those computers by customizing when group policies should be applied.

This configuration parameter enables you to specify whether the user-based group policies should be applied:

  • Only once when the user first logs on and not again until the user logs off and logs back on.
  • When the user first logs on and regularly at the refresh interval for as long as the user remains logged on.
  • Never when the user logs on, but periodically at the refresh interval thereafter.

The valid parameter values for this configuration parameter are once, always, and never.

For example, to specify that user-based group policies should only run once when the user first logs on but not thereafter, you can set this parameter to once: once

If this parameter is not defined in the configuration file, its default value is always to apply the user group policies when a user first logs on and periodically refresh the policies in the background for as long the user remains logged on.