This configuration parameter specifies whether to generate a unique ticket cache file name for each Kerberos authentication for a given user (except the first). The unique ticket cache file name takes the following form:


The <uid> is the users Unix ID, and the XXXXXX is a unique set of characters (i.e. krb5cc_cdc512_u0PSdt). This allows a given user to log on more than once, without subsequent logoffs interfering with other logon instances.

If this parameter is set to false, the ticket cache filename takes the following form:


With this parameter set to false, old versions of the ticket cache file are overwritten. If a user logs in twice, the first logout causes the file to be deleted, leaving the other logon instance without a credential cache.

The environment variable KRB5CCNAME is populated with the generated name.

The default value is true, except on macOS where it is false.