This configuration parameter specifies the name of the NIS maps you want to prevent the NIS service from using in response to NIS clients. This parameter enables you to exclude specific maps rather than explicitly specifying the maps you want to make available. For example, if you have a large number of automount maps or other network information that you want to make available to NIS clients but do not want to use agentless authentication, you can use this parameter to exclude the passwd and group maps but respond to automount or netgroup requests.

To use this configuration parameter, you must add the parameter name to the /etc/centrifydc.conf configuration file, then define its value. The parameter value must be a list of valid NIS map names, separated by spaces. For example:

nisd.exclude.maps: group passwd

This parameter excludes the named map and all derived maps. For example, if you specify group, the derived maps, group.byname, and group.bygid, are excluded. If this parameter is not defined in the configuration file, all NIS maps found in Active Directory are retrieved and available for service.

This configuration parameter overrides the setting of the nisd.maps parameter. If the same map is specified for both the nisd.exclude.maps and nisd.maps parameters, the map is excluded.