This configuration parameter specifies the maximum number of seconds that the adnisd process should wait before responding to NIS client requests.

While adnisd retrieves and generates its NIS maps, it does not respond to client requests for the maximum number of seconds specified by this parameter. At the end of the startup delay time, adnisd will respond to NIS client requests whether all maps are loaded or not. Therefore, setting this parameter enables the adnisd process to begin responding to NIS clients requests before all NIS maps are loaded or created. You should be aware, however, that if the delay time is reached before all of the NIS maps are available, NIS clients may receive partial or empty answers to their requests.

Note:   If all of the NIS maps are loaded or created in less time than specified by this parameter, adnisd will begin responding to NIS requests without any startup delay.

By default, the maximum startup delay is 180 seconds. If you set this configuration parameter to zero, the adnisd process will only respond to NIS client requests after all NIS maps have been loaded or created. Therefore, in most cases, the parameter value should be a positive integer. For example, to set the startup delay to two minutes, you would set the parameter value to 120:

nisd.startup.delay: 120