This configuration parameter specifies the Active Directory user object attribute to use for the GECOS field. The default value for this parameters is the gecos attribute in the Active Directory RFC2307 schema.

The order of precedence for the GECOS field setting is:

  1. The GECOS setting for the UNIX service connection point (SCP) in Active Directory.
  2. The nss.gecos.attribute setting.
  3. The displayName attribute of the user object.

If nss.gecos.attribute is set and GECOS is not set for the UNIX SCP, the user attribute specified by nss.gecos.attribute is used for the GECOS field in UNIX profiles and NSS lookups. If nss.gecos.attribute is not defined or the Active Directory RFC2307 schema is not used, the user object’s displayName attribute is used as the GECOS field for UNIX profiles.

If you set this configuration parameter, the parameter value is case-sensitive and must exactly match the case used for the attribute name in Active Directory. For example:

nss.gecos.attribute: displayName