This configuration parameter specifies whether a new home directory should be created automatically when a new Active Directory user logs on to a system for the first time.

For example, to specify that home directories be created automatically when new Active Directory users log on to a system for the first time:

pam.homedir.create: true

In most cases, you set this configuration parameter using group policy.

Note:   For computers that use NFS to mount home directories, you should set this parameter to false. If you have a Solaris environment and set this parameter to true, you should make sure the default location for creating a home directory is not /home/{$user} since this path is not allowed in a typical Solaris environment. In addition, some platforms may require you to manually create a skeleton directory that contains default initial profiles to use when creating new home directories. You can use the pam.homeskel.dir parameter to specify the location of this skeleton directory if it exists in your environment.