By default, the agent uses the mkdir() function to create the user's home directory. However, if desired, you can set this parameter so that you create the user's home directory by way of a script.

The script should be:

  • root owned and only writeable by owner
  • executable
  • not a symlink

When you create the script, be sure that it accepts the following arguments:

  • -h (home directory path)
  • -u (the UID for the home directory)
  • -g (the GID for the home directory)

There is a sample script /usr/share/centrifydc/samples/; this script can create a Solaris ZFS dataset for a user's home directory.

For example:

pam.homedir.create.hook: /usr/bin/

When you specify the script for this parameter, be sure to also specify the absolute path to the script.