This configuration parameter specifies the minimum volume of disk space required on the partition containing the offline spool file before spooling stops.

You can set this value as a percentage of the disk space, or you can set it as an exact size. To set the value as an exact size, specify the unit value after the number value. The unit values are not case-sensitive.

For example, to set the minimum volume of disk space to 12 gigabytes, you would enter the following:

spool.diskspace.min: 12 GB 

You can specify the following unit values:

  • B (byte)
  • KB (kilobytes)
  • MB (megabytes)
  • GB (gigabytes)
  • TB (terabyrtes)

To specify the value as a percentage, you can either use the percent (%) symbol, or enter a number with no unit value.

The default value is 10 percent of disk space.

You can also set this parameter using group policy.