This configuration parameter specifies one or more numeric user identifiers (UID) that you want to ignore for authentication and lookup requests in Active Directory. In most cases, you use this parameter to specify local user accounts that do not have a corresponding user account in Active Directory, but for which you want to audit session activity. You can specify the parameter value by typing individual user identifiers, separated by spaces, or by using the file: keyword and a file location. For example, you can set the value using individual UID values like this:

uid.ignore: 0 500 5861

Alternatively, you can using the file: keyword and the sample uid.ignore file that is installed with the Centrify Agent. The sample uid.ignore file ignores the most common default system accounts. For example:

uid.ignore: file:/etc/centrifydc/uid.ignore

If you edit the /etc/centrifydc/uid.ignore file, be sure to run the adreload command after modifying the file to have the changes take effect.