Additional properties:

_Description: Records details of system access events such as authenication_ challenges_ IWA_ etc.

ChallengeId: String

ClientIPAddress: String

ConnectorsUsed: String

DenyByUser: {'Type': 'Boolean', 'Description': 'Was access denied by the user via the Centrify Mobile Authenticator'}

EndpointKnown: {'Type': 'Boolean', 'Description': 'Was access from a client seen before?'}

EndpointOnPremise: {'Type': 'Boolean', 'Description': 'Was access from a client that is using a on premise address?'}

FactorCount: Int32

FactorEmail: String

FactorMobileAuthenticator: String

FactorOathAuthenticator: String

FactorOther: String

FactorPassword: String

FactorPhoneCall: String

FactorRadius: String

Factors: String

FactorSecurityQuestion: String

FactorSms: String

FactorU2f: String

FailReason: String

ForgotPassword: Boolean

FromIPAddress: String

MfaInitiator: String

MfaReason: String

MfaResult: String

MfaUnlock: Boolean

MfaUpgrade: Boolean

ProfileId: String

ProfileName: String

RequestDeviceOS: String

RequestHostName: String

RequestIsMobileDevice: Boolean

SecurityQuestionAnswerCount: Int32

Session: String

EventName: Cloud.Core.MfaSummary