Joining an Active Directory domain at a later time

At this point, you have delivered the software to target computers, but not changed their configuration. Users still have exactly the same access as they did before installing Centrify software. The computer’s configuration changes only happen when the computer joins an Active Directory domain, that is, joining the domain is what “activates” Centrify software.

You have the option to automatically join an Active Directory domain when you install Centrify Agents the script. In most cases, however, you should not do so unless you have already planned your user migration and created your initial zones. Typically, it is best to analyze the user population and prepare for migration before joining the domain to ensure minimal disruption of user activity and ease the transition to new software. Over time, as you become more familiar with the migration process and refine your zone design, you can adapt the steps to suit your organization.

If you want to join the domain at the same time you deploy the Centrify software, you should do the following before you install files on the UNIX computers:

  1. Download the Server Suite software for all platforms or the subset of platforms you intend to support.

  2. Analyze existing user and group accounts.

  3. Identify your zone requirements and create the initial zone design.

  4. Migrate users and groups into the appropriate zones and role assignments.

  5. Use the script or a custom script to install Centrify Agents and join the domain.

The additional steps are described in the next sections. You can also manually join a domain at any time after installation by using the adjoin command.