About the files and directories installed on the agent

When you complete the installation, the local computer will be updated with the following directories and files for the core Centrify Agent for *NIX:

This directory Contains

The agent configuration file and the Kerberos configuration file.


Kerberos-related files and service library files used by the Centrify Agent to enable group policy and authentication and authorization services.


Command line programs to perform Active Directory tasks, such as join the domain and change a user password.


Directories for temporary and common files that can be used by the agent.


Before joining the domain, the directory contains basic information about the environment, such as the IP address of the DNS server and whether you installed licensed or express agent features.

After you join the domain, several files are added to this directory to record information about the Active Directory domain the computer is joined to, the Active Directory site the computer is part of, and other details.

Depending on the components you select during installation, additional files and directories might be installed or updated. For example, if you install Enterprise Edition, the computer is updated with additional files and directories for auditing.