Run the bundle installation from a mounted network volume

You can install agents from a mounted network volume using the script. This script is available on the agent CD or ISO file that contains all of the supported agent platforms in compressed format. The bundle installation script automatically determines the platform required and extracts the contents of the appropriate TGZ file, then starts the normal installation process.

To use the script:

  1. Copy the script onto a network file system share and mount the shared directory.
  2. Verify that the file is executable and that you have appropriate privileges to run it. For example:

    chmod +x
    chmod 755
  3. Run the script without command line options to start the installation or add command line options to install the agent silently.

    For example, to start an interactive installation, type a command similar to this:

    sudo ./

    To install the agent silently, type a command similar to this:

    ./ --std-suite --adjoin_opt=" --password pa$swd sudo ./
    ‑‑zone global --container --server"

    To see complete usage information for the script, type:

    ./ --help