Select a target set of computers

As a first step in preparing to install Centrify software, you should select a target set of computers on which to deploy. The target set can be based on any criteria you choose. In many organizations, new software must always be installed in the development environment first, then in the pre-production environment, before it can be deployed in the production environment. If your organization has this type of requirement, the first target set of computers would be the computers in the development environment.

Other possible candidates for the target set might be computers that:

  • Have been identified for changes by an audit finding
  • Are in the same physical location, such as a particular data center
  • Share common attributes, such as all Red Hat Linux computers or all of the servers in a Web farm
  • Are used by a particular department, project, or line of business
  • Have a common set of users who need access to the computer resources

After you have identified a target set of computers, you are ready to begin the deployment. You should notify the user community that you are planning to install software on the target set of computers. For example, you may want to notify users by sending out an email message similar to the sample provided in Preliminary software delivery notification email template.

After you have identified a target set of computers to work with, you can use adcheck to check whether those computers have any issues that need to be resolved before you install new software on them. Checking the environment before you install helps to reduce change control issues.