Using Access Manager

Access Manager is the primary user interface for managing all of the Centrify-specific information stored in Active Directory. With Access Manager, you can:

  • Manage access to all of your UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X computers.
  • Set and modify user and group properties for all of your UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X users and groups.
  • Create and manage zones and zone properties to simplify the process of giving users access to specific computers and migrating UNIX user accounts to Active Directory.
  • Add Active Directory users and groups to zones.
  • Import user and group information from local password and groups files or from NIS and NIS+ servers and domains.
  • Import and maintain network information from NIS maps such as netgroup, auto.master, and automount or create custom NIS maps.
  • Define and assign rights and roles that authorize or restrict access to specific computers and operations on managed computers.

You can also add other snap-ins to Access Manager or add Access Manager to another Microsoft management console snap-in. For example, you can add the Active Directory Sites and Services and Active Directory Domains and Trusts snap-ins to Access Manager to consolidate management activity.