Key operations handled by the adclient process

The most important element in the agent is the adclient process. The adclient process runs as a single trusted service. This process is automatically added as a boot service and is started whenever you reboot a managed computer. The adclient process handles all of the direct communication with Active Directory and manages all of the operations provided through the other services.

The adclient process performs the following key tasks on managed computers:

  • Locates the appropriate domain controllers for the local computer based on the Active Directory forest and site topology published by the Windows DNS server. If a domain controller becomes unavailable, the adclient process automatically locates the next available domain controller to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Provides Active Directory with credentials for the local computer account to verify the computer is a valid member of the domain.
  • Delivers and stores user credentials so that users can be authenticated by Active Directory and, once authenticated successfully, can sign on even if the computer is disconnected from the network for mobile access or if Active Directory is unavailable.
  • Caches query responses and other information, including positive and negative search results, to reduce network traffic and the number of connections to Active Directory and to ensure users can work uninterrupted and start new application sessions using their existing login credentials. All communication with Active Directory is encrypted to ensure security, and you can manage the cache through configuration parameters or group policy.
  • Creates and maintains the Kerberos configuration and service ticket files to allow existing Kerberos-enabled applications to work with Active Directory without any manual configuration.
  • Synchronizes the local computer’s time with the clock maintained by Active Directory to ensure the timestamp on Kerberos tickets issued by the KDC are within a valid range.
  • Resets the password for the local computer account in Active Directory at a regular interval to maintain security for the account’s credentials.
  • Provides all the authentication, authorization, and directory look-up services retrieved from Active Directory to the other Centrify Agent services, such as the PAM service or the Apache authentication module.