Establishing a connection to DNS

With each request to Active Directory, the Centrify Agent first determines its connection status based on upon the availability of a Domain Name Service domain controller. If a DNS request for a host name takes longer than the number of seconds specified by the adclient.dns.response.maxtime parameter, the agent assumes DNS is down and switches to disconnected mode.

While running in the disconnected mode, the agent does not attempt any more synchronous network communications. Instead, it runs a background thread every 30 seconds to determine when DNS becomes available. The default value for the adclient.dns.response.maxtime is 10 seconds, but this value can be changed by group policy or by editing the /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf file.

Note:   If the network is disconnected for a short period of time, but during that time no data is needed from Active Directory, the agent does not switch into disconnected mode. The status only changes if a connection attempt to DNS or to Active Directory through LDAP fails.