Connecting to the closest domain controller

If the initial DNS request for a host name is successful, the Centrify Agent attempts to connect to the appropriate domain controller and global catalog for its joined domain using the site information found in DNS.

Site information is configured using Active Directory Sites and Services and is defined by subnet. Using the site information, the agent queries DNS for a list of the domain controllers in its site and attempts to connect to the nearest domain controller. It will continue trying to connect to each of the domain controllers in its site based on proximity until it finds a server available. If the agent is unable to connect to any of the domain controllers in its site or if no site information is available, the agent tries to connect to any remaining domain controllers listed in DNS.

Because connection status is determined by an attempt to bind to the Active Directory domain controller using an LDAP call, the adclient.ldap.socket.timeout parameter determines the maximum number of seconds the Centrify Agent will wait for a socket connection timeout while binding to the LDAP server. The default value is 5 seconds.