Switching to disconnected mode

After a connection to a domain controller is established, each subsequent request for information from Active Directory checks the connection status. If a request is made to Active Directory and a response is not received within the number of seconds specified by the adclient.ldap.timeout parameter, that request is retried once. For the second request, the agent will wait up to twice as long for a response. If the second request is not answered within that amount of time, the connection to that specific domain controller is considered disconnected. Once a connection to a specific domain controller is in disconnected mode, a background thread will attempt to reconnect to that domain approximately every 30 seconds. By default, the agent waits 7 seconds for a response to the first request. If the request isn’t answered, it retries the request and waits up to another 14 seconds for a response before switching to disconnected mode.

The adclient.ldap.timeout parameter specifies the maximum number of seconds to wait for Active Directory fetch, update, and delete requests to improve the response time when an initial connection attempt fails. A separate parameter, adclient.ldap.timeout.search, specifies the maximum time to wait for search requests. If the search timeout value is not specified, the default is double the adclient.ldap.timeout value. By default, therefore, the agent waits a maximum of 14 seconds for search requests.

The values for these parameters can be adjusted for high load or latency networks by configuring group policies or by editing the /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf file.