Connecting to trusted forests and domains

If the Centrify Agent establishes a successful connection to the joined domain, it also generates or updates the /etc/krb5.conf file using the domain trust information from the global catalog, and attempts to connect to the trusted domains or to external forests to find all of the domains that are trusted.

Depending on the trust relationships you have defined, network topology, or firewall requirements, querying external trusted forests can have a significant, negative impact on network performance. You can control whether trusted domains and external forests are queried to establish transitive trusts and cross-forest authentication with the parameter. Setting the parameter to true indicates that you want the Centrify Agent to query trusted domains and forests. Setting this parameter to false disables this feature so that the agent does not connect to any external forests or trusted domains.

If you set the parameter to true, you can control the maximum number of seconds to wait when searching for trust information in external forests and other trusted domains with the parameter. By default, the agent waits 10 seconds. The search operation is not retried if the request times out, but the request is regenerated approximately once an hour.

If your trusted domains and forests are widely distributed, have slow or unreliable network connections, or are protected by firewalls, you might want to increase the value for this parameter to allow time for the Centrify Agent to collect information from external domains and forests.