Creating a forest and trusts for a DMZ

Centrify recommends that you create a separate Active Directory forest for the computers to be placed in the network segment you are going to use as the demilitarized zone. You should then establish a one-way outgoing trust from the internal forest to the DMZ forest.

Defining a one-way trust allows existing internal forest users to access resources in the DMZ without separate credentials or being prompted for authentication. The one-way trust also prevents any accounts defined in the DMZ forest from having access to the internal network. Accounts defined in the DMZ forest can only access computers inside the DMZ domain. If a privileged account in the DMZ forest is compromised, that compromise is limited to the scope of the DMZ forest.

For Centrify, the one-way trust enables you to:

  • Use the internal forest for authentication and authorization services for user accounts.
  • Define computer accounts in the DMZ domain without permission to read data from the trusted domain of the internal forest.

In most cases, you should not use an existing Active Directory domain when deploying Centrify Agents in a DMZ. Using an existing domain requires opening additional ports through the internal firewall to allow computers to connect directly to the domain controllers in the internal forest. Allowing computers in the DMZ to connect directly to the internal forest implicitly grants access to resources behind the internal firewall.