Preparing deployment documentation

In addition to deploying the software, the deployment team should prepare materials that document the solutions they are deploying and the processes and procedures to assist others in migrating. The deployment documentation might include training materials for new users and test plans to verify a successful deployment that can be reused when updating the software after the initial deployment.

In general, members of the deployment team should focus on the following activities to prepare for a roll-out of Server Suite to a production environment:

  • Document the configuration settings you plan to use and update the documentation as needed based on the pilot experience. For example, during the planning phase you might have drafted a plan for user and group filtering or access controls that in practice you find must be adjusted. The pilot deployment gives you the opportunity to implement your planned solution but change it, if needed.
  • Document and prototype any deployment scripts that you intend to use and any processes or policy decisions that impact using those scripts. For example, you might want to automate the join process or how new users are added to a zone or modify existing scripts that provision users.
  • Document issues that require troubleshooting during the pilot deployment and the resolution for each issue. You can collect this information as an organization-specific operations manual for IT staff.
  • Prepare training materials for testers, operations personnel, and end-users based on the experience gained in the pilot deployment and tailored to your organization’s specific needs and internal policies.
  • Prepare test plans that sufficiently cover the types of scenarios that are specific to your organization’s needs and internal policies. For example, if you plan to use group policies, your test plans should include scenarios for testing the group policies you plan to implement.
  • Update planning documents, such as the zone structure or role definitions that you developed during the planning phase in response to the practical experience gained in the pilot deployment.
  • Create checklists or instructions that are specific to your organization’s deployment. For example, you may want to create a “site preparation checklist” that covers specific steps administrators should take before deploying, a “deployment checklist” that includes site‑specific naming conventions and migration instructions, and a “handoff to operations checklist” to ensure a smooth hand-over to data center staff after deployment is complete.