What you should know before planning a deployment

Before you begin planning a full scale deployment of Centrify software, you should be familiar with key concepts, terminology, and components for Server Suite and Active Directory. You should also have information about your existing environment.

Before you continue planning the deployment, verify you have information about:

  • How Active Directory is used to store user, group, and computer information in your organization and the Active Directory schema you currently have deployed.
  • How you currently manage services and provision users for both Windows and non‑Windows computers.
  • How the Centrify Agent installed on a UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS X computer makes that computer part of an Active Directory domain.
  • How zones enable you to manage user profiles, control access to computer and application resources, and delegate administrative tasks.

If you are not familiar with Centrify architecture and the components that make up the Server Suite, see Architecture and basic operations to be sure you understand the concepts, core components, and operations that enable Active Directory users to log on to UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X computers. This guide assumes you also have access to the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX and can refer to it, as needed, for additional details.