Why planning a deployment is important

Because Centrify software becomes a critical part of your IT infrastructure once deployed, it is important that you plan and test your deployment strategy and validate the results you expect before placing Centrify components into a production environment.

After you deploy Centrify software in a production environment, the rights and roles you define will control whether users can log on and what they can do on specific computers if they are allowed to log on. Because preventing users from accessing critical resources or services can affect business operations, you should analyze the requirements of your environment as thoroughly as possible before moving from a pilot deployment into production.

The deployment process described in this guide is intended to help you to migrate existing users and groups to Active Directory with minimal disruption to end-user activity and ongoing business services. The recommendations presented are designed to give you flexibility and provide you with a framework for deploying that minimizes the effect of the deployment on the existing user population.

Note:   Planning is important regardless of whether you are deploying on Windows, UNIX, Linux, or Mac computers. However, some deployment steps can be skipped if you are only deploying on Windows computers or if you aren’t migrating any local users or groups. For more information about deploying only on Windows computers, see the Administrator’s Guide for Windows. For information that is specifically about deploying on Mac computers, see the Administrator’s Guide for Mac.