Joining the domain (Zoned mode only)

To join an Active Directory domain manually:

  1. On the Linux computer, log in as or switch to the root user.
  2. Run adjoin to join an existing Active Directory domain using a fully-qualified domain name.

    adjoin --zone <zone_name> --user <user_name> 

    The user account you specify must have permission to add computers to the specified domain and zone. If you don't specify a user name, the Administrator account is used by default.

  3. Type the password for the specified user account.

    If the authentication service can connect to Active Directory and join the domain, a confirmation message is displayed. You can now enable existing Active Directory groups and users to work with this Unix computer.

For more information about the options you can specify when joining a domain, see the man page for the adjoin command or the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX.

To step through common tasks and test scenarios, see the Evaluation Guide for Linux and UNIX.