Specifying the required options

The basic syntax for the adjoin command is:

adjoin [options] domain_name [--zone zone_name | --workstation]

The domain_name should be a fully-qualified domain name; for example, sales.acme.com. If you are using adjoin to provision new computers, there are several options you should specify on the command line or in the script.

  • Use the --container or -c option to specify the location for the computer account. Typically, you should use the organizational unit that you created for UNIX Servers and Workstation under the top-level UNIX organizational unit. It must be the location you used when you pre-created the computer object. For example:

    -c “ou=UNIX Server and Workstations,ou=UNIX”
  • Use the --selfserve or -S option to specify that you want the computer to join itself to the Active Directory domain.
  • Use the --zone or -z option to specify the name of the zone to join. You must specify a zone name unless you are joining Auto Zone using the --workstation option.
  • If you have a disjointed DNS environment where the Active Directory domain for the computer account does not match the name of the DNS domain, you must also specify the ‑-name and
    --alias options. The --name option specifies the name of the Active Directory computer object and the --alias will be the fully-qualified DNS name of the computer.

For example, update your provisioning process for a new computer to include a command similar to the following:

adjoin -c “ou=UNIX Server and Workstations,ou=UNIX” -S -z production arcade.net

For complete information about adjoin options, see the adjoin man page.