Verify authentication after joining the domain by logging on

As the final step in the initial migration, you should verify that authentication for an Active Directory user is successful. You can do this by logging on to the UNIX console using either the UNIX user name or the Active Directory User Principal Name for a user assigned to the UNIX Login role. When prompted, type the Active Directory password for the account. If you are able to log on using the Active Directory password, you know that authentication is being handled by Active Directory and the user account has been successfully migrated.

You should also verify that you can log on remotely using a secure shell (ssh) connection and that you can use other services such as ftp.

If users have trouble logging on after a UNIX computer has joined the domain, it is typically because they’re not assigned the UNIX Login role or don’t have a valid UNIX profile in the zone. You can use the Show Effective UNIX User Rights command to check which users have profiles and what roles have been assigned to users who have access to the selected computer.