Understanding system administration activities

Most system administration tasks involve managing users and groups. After deploying Centrify software, this information is centralized in Active Directory for both Windows and non-Windows computers. Therefore, any administrative action for a user account affects that user on both Windows and UNIX computers. For example, if you disable a user account in Active Directory, the user will be unable to log on to any Windows or UNIX‑based computer in the forest.

Typically, there is a period of time where staff members must use one set of steps for provisioning users and groups on the computers not yet joined to the domain and another set of steps for provisioning users and groups on computers that have successfully joined the domain. After you complete the migration to Active Directory, you can leverage the processes and tools you use for provisioning Windows users and groups for ongoing administration of UNIX users. For example, you can use Active Directory Users and Computers, in-house custom scripts, Access Manager, ADEdit, or another management tool to perform administrative tasks.

After deployment, you should prepare any site-specific or platform-specific instructions the operations staff should follow if you are making changes to the processes or tools they are familiar with.