Import UNIX groups that apply only to a specific zone into a child zone

From your initial analysis and zone design, you should also have a reasonable plan for groups that apply to specific child zones. Groups imported into a child zone are visible to all the UNIX computers in that zone, but not in other zones. For example, assume you have identified an application-specific group, ora_app01, that allows users to use a database, and the database application exists three computers. In your zone design, you decide those three computers should be a single child zone. In that case, you import the ora_app01 group profile into the child zone group because the database application group is only relevant to the UNIX computers in the child zone.

The steps for importing into a child zone are the same as for the parent zone, except that you select the UNIX Data under the child zone name in the console tree and specify the child zone name as the prefix for the Active Directory group name.