Migrating existing users into the listed role in child zones

After you have assigned users who must be able to log on to the UNIX Login role, you should identify users who should be assigned the listed role to limit the number of users allowed to log on. The listed role is intended for existing UNIX users who have a UNIX user profile in one or more zones that you want to allow to be listed in getent output without the ability to log on to UNIX computers in those zones.

The listed role is most commonly used for users who access UNIX applications, such as ClearCase, or Samba, or an NFS-mounted file system, that require a UNIX profile. In practical terms, however, this role also allows you to migrate users you aren’t sure have been authorized for access. With this role, the user profile is recognized but the user cannot log on locally or remotely.

You can use the Access Manager console, Active Directory Users and Computers, ADEdit or custom scripts to add the UNIX user profiles to the appropriate childZone_Role_Listed groups. If possible, you should integrate this part of the migration with your existing provisioning process to ensure that future requests for UNIX role assignments use the processes that line of business personnel already understand.

Keep in mind that the childZone_Role_Listed group affects all the UNIX computers joined to the specified child zone. Before you move a user to the childZone_Role_Listed group, you should check whether there are any computers in the zone that the user must be able to access to prevent accidentally locking the user out. You can use a machine-level override to grant the UNIX Login role on a specific computer, if needed.