Migrating existing users into the UNIX Login role in the parent zone

In Create groups for the default roles in the parent zone, you created Active Directory security groups for UNIX Login and listed roles in the parent zone. If you want to give all users the potential to log in to all UNIX systems, you can make them members of the parentZone_Role_Login group.

Users who are members of this group and have a complete UNIX profile in the parent zone can log on to all UNIX computers that are joined to the parent zone and all UNIX computers joined to the child zones of the parent zone. However, if you add users to the parentZone_Role_Login group in Active Directory, but do not define a UNIX user profile in the parent zone, those users will only be able to log on to the UNIX computers in the child zones where they have a UNIX user profile defined or the individual computers where you define machine-level overrides to give them a UNIX profile.

The default UNIX Login role associated with the parentZone_Role_Login group does not grant any additional privileges. It simply allows users to log on to UNIX computers. Therefore, one strategy for migrating users is to add them all to parent zone’s Login role group. You can then control access based on where the user’s UNIX profile is defined and control what the user can do using additional role assignments. For example, you may create custom roles to grant expanded UNIX privileges.