Identifying the Windows computer and log on credentials

Depending on how you plan to manage Centrify properties, you should identify an appropriate Windows computer and the user account credentials you should use. For example:

  • Check whether the Windows computer has Active Directory Users and Computers installed.

    If you want to manage Centrify properties using Active Directory Users and Computers, the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in must be available on the local computer.

  • Check whether the Windows computer is a domain computer, such as a Windows XP workstation, or a domain controller.

    If you install on a domain controller, you must use your own logon credential to connect to Active Directory. In most cases, you can install on any computer that has access to a domain controller.

  • Verify that the Windows computer can connect to Active Directory.
  • Verify that you have a Windows user account and password with sufficient rights to install software on the local computer and permission to update the Active Directory forest.

    After installation, you must be able to create new container objects in the Active Directory forest. Alternatively, an Active Directory administrator can manually configure the environment or temporarily modify your account permissions to enable you to perform setup tasks. For information about the specific rights required to perform tasks in the Setup Wizard, see Permissions required to use the Setup Wizard.